Environmental Policy Statement

General Statement of Environmental Policy

S&J Civils are one of the leading civil engineering companies in the north of England with a medium sized workforce of around 60 employees/sub-contractors with many long serving, and all well experienced in all aspects of Civil Engineering, Excavating, Pipe Laying, Back Filling and Reinstating. The company has a fleet of Grab Wagons, Hot Boxes, Van, Excavators, and a Road Sweeper, manually operated machines and tools. The company is well situated with large car parking areas, modern offices and a fully equipped engineering workshop where all vehicles, plant and equipment are kept in good working order with all service records.

S&J Civils are committed to minimising the Environmental Impact of the company’s activities by consistent improvement in environmental performance, and seek to develop an ethos of environmental responsibility through all its employees/sub-contractors.

The company recognises its responsibility to protect the immediate environment and by exercising proper control over its activities. The company will discourage wasteful or damaging practices.

Accordingly it is the Policy of the company to:-

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and take such additional environmental protection measures as it considers necessary.
  • Promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues amongst all employees/sub-contractors and obtain their full co-operation in carrying out the company’s policy. Any issues of concern will be discussed and acted upon.
  • Constantly improve (when possible) working environment of its employees/sub-contractors.
  • Manage and conserve energy and water efficiently.
  • Reduce waste of natural resources, promote waste reduction and re-cycling, and through tendering and purchasing procedures, promote sustainable development.
  • Regulate all waste production and disposal, and discourage litter, graffiti and noise pollution.
  • Avoid the unnecessary use of hazardous material processes, and the taking of all reasonable steps to prevent damage where such materials are in essential use.
  • Maintain accreditation to nationally recognised environmental management standards as a benchmark of good environmental practice.
  • This policy statement will be reviewed on an annual/or an amendment basis.

Stephen Meares
Company Director
Date 3rd January 2020